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I'm Mick Woodruff, and you have arrived at the index page of, Mick's Virtual Whistle, a web site which is dedicated to sharing the pleasures of the pennywhistle, or tin whistle. My main objective is to present a growing selection of music files which visitors can listen to and download for free; a virtual whistle album. This is not exactly a new idea, but I believe that the world needs much more whistle music! Those people who are new to the whistle and to Celtic music, yet with an eager desire to learn more, might find some inspiration on these pages and if so then I will be delighted. Remember, we need more whistle music, and this means that we need more whistle players! More than anything however, I hope that you will simply enjoy the music that you find here for its own intrinsic value. This is music which can stir the spirit and doesn't really need an excuse to find an audience. I hope that my playing goes some way to doing justice to both the music, and to the whistle.

The pennywhistle is probably more popular now than it has ever been in its long history. Its unique sound has wooed the hearts and souls of people far away from its native home, gaining enthusiastic appreciation all around the planet, largely as a result of its exposure through successful movies such as Titanic, the show Riverdance, and fantastic web sites like this one (okay, I am joking). But it has always had its enthusiasts and will continue to hold peoples' hearts long after the movies and shows (and, yes, web sites) are gone and forgotten.

This is not intended to be a whistle tutorial web site. There are several excellent sites dedicated to teaching the whistle, some of which you can find on the Links page, and I would not wish to try to duplicate or to improve on those sites. Meanwhile, if you have any questions I will try to answer them. Suggestions are also welcome. Send me an e-mail, or message me using the Visitors' Book, keeping the message private if you wish, and I'll get a reply to you as soon as I can.

Please note that if your browser does not have javascript enabled, you may encounter some minor problems viewing and interacting with this site.

Hit the link below to visit my sound files page, and please spare a couple of minutes of your time to sign my guestbook before you leave. Thanks!

Let's go whistling!


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